Clinical Trials in India

If you are a pharmaceutical company looking for conducting clinical trials in India, we can help. Our clients have state of the art clinical trials facilities in India. Contact us today.

Contract Research and Manufacturing

Are you looking fpr state of the art facilities to carry out your cpmtract research in Pharma / Biomedical / Chemical / Allied areas? We can help. Our partners in India has top notch talent and facilities to do your job. Contact us today with your requirements.

Market Research:

Our partners, Nandini Chemical Institute, provides up-to-date global / regional research in markets and technology in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and allied areas. For your needs of fast, affordable research, contact us with your requirements.


Welcome to SourceIndia. We are a USA-based company dedicated to facilitating trade and technology transfer between India and North America. Our focus is in technology, chemical, pharmaceutical and allied areas.

We help our client companies find products, technologies, markets and services so that they can expand their businesses and make their businesses more efficient. We are particularly focused on small to medium sized companies who often lack the internal resources to take advantage of global markets or gaining efficiency by using global talent pool.

Our services for the US companies also include helping them with their needs for clinical / analytical testing from a reputable indian company, providing contract research and contract manufacturing services.

We also provide recruiting services. Check out some of our clients' staffing needs in our career section.

Our Partners

In chemical, pharmaceutical and allied areas, for market research, we work closely with Nandini Chemical Institute in providing research and marketing help. Our research publications and reports can be ordered here. See SourceIndia Inc.'s refund policy for the research publications and reports.

For contract research and clinical testing services, we use world class talent and facilities of Sabinsa / Sami group of companies. Do contact us today with your needs.

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